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Agenda 21...Do You Know What Happened One Early Morning in September, 2001…

Posted by Darin Moser   June 9th, 2012

All across America folks are becoming increasingly aware of the globalist nature of Sustainable Development and it’s primary document of implementation UN Agenda 21 which was signed by 178 nations in Rio De Janeiro at the Earth Summit in 1992.

Where Agenda 21 has served as a blueprint globally for creating much of the regulatory and governance infrastructure of the new sustainable system additional efforts have also been envisioned to advance other segments of the Sustainable Development transition.

I want to tell you about one of these initiatives known as The Earth Charter. While the policies of Agenda 21 have been steadily growing in influence and control within our communities leading to changes in the way we build and govern our cities and towns, the Earth Charter has been advancing the principles of a new moral code that has been devised by the radicals of the sustainable development movement in an attempt to erode away at the traditional Judeo-Christian values of the western world. This moral code stresses a focus on the collective and teaches a one world, interdependent, mindset centered on honoring the web of nature and “mother earth.”

The creators behind the Earth Charter are names you will immediately recognize, chief among these are Maurice Strong, the globalist UN leader who is the godfather and architect of United Nations Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement; he is joined in this effort by the former leader of the Soviet Union and current head of Green Cross International Mikhail Gorbachev along with activist and philanthropist Steven Rockefeller.
In speaking about The Earth Charter, both Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev have detailed how they hope that the Earth Charter will become a document that is viewed globally as a new ten commandments.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising then that the language and trappings of a new, one world, religion with it’s focus on elevating mother earth as mankind’s provider surround the Earth Charter initiative.

In fact after reportedly having a “vision” a local Vermont artist named Sally Linder initiated a project to construct a box within which The Earth Charter, carefully penned on papyrus; would be permanently housed alongside small books and drawings dedicated to the principles of Earth Charter called Temenos books.  Temenos represents a sacred magical, protected space and is based on the ideas of psychiatrist Carl Jung. This protective box was crafted from a single, sustainably harvested, piece of sycamore and painted with numerous illustrations including animals, plants, and interfaith symbols. This box was named the Ark of Hope, and is a direct mockery of the Ark of the Covenant detailed in the Holy Bible.

For many people in the globalist movement, Sustainable Development is their new, politically correct and earth friendly religion.

This brings us to the events as they unfolded one fateful morning in September of 2001…

As daylight broke across the United States and families all across America awakened, shared breakfast and readied themselves for church; on a large farm called Shelburne Farms, in Vermont over two thousand people were gathering that Sunday morning for an event called “For Love of Earth, A Celebration of the Earth Charter.” Many adorned in their official Earth Charter shirts or other new age attire came together to celebrate the Earth Charter, and it’s new home the Ark of Hope. Among these individuals were philanthropist and drafter of the Earth Charter Steven Rockefeller, famous anthropologist Jane Goodall, and noted peace activist Satish Kumar along with Reverend James Morton, John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd, Stephanie Kaza, and Musician Paul Winter as well as many other dignitaries.

Here is a brief summary of the event from an article on the Metta Earth Institute’s website called The Ark of Hope and The Temenos Books written by the event’s organizers Cameron Davis and Sally Linder:

On September 9, 2001 the largest Temenos gathering took place at Shelburne Farms, Vermont. For over a year we planned the event, For Love of Earth, A Celebration of the Earth Charter. The day opened in silence as a half-mile ribbon of 2000 people followed a well-worn cow path in the early morning mist. We walked slowly, deliberately, tracing Earth’s contours with our steps. Arriving at the massive barn, we entered a protected circle, fecund with scents of timber and hay. A parade of three hundred children surrounded us with giant Temenos Earth Masks of stars and sunflowers, bears and bumblebees. Musicians, speakers, dancers and singers brought forth the Earth Charter principles. Cascading rice kernels ‘fed the world’, yards of floating gossamer cloth brushed overhead and large snow geese puppets called as peace gently sifted down and settled into our hearts. On tables graced with art supplies participants painted their hopes onto Temenos pages. Nestled in a circle of straw lit by late afternoon light the Ark of Hope was unveiled and the tiny books gifted to it. The Ark was envisioned as a protective holding place for a copy of the Earth Charter and the precious cargo of Temenos Books. When all had been sung and said and given, people returned home with an enriched understanding of the Earth Charter.”

Here are a few of the images from this event… Photos: Jan Reynolds & Jonathan Blake

The Ark Revealed

Tree Dancers

Procession down to the breeding barn where the celebration was held

Steven Rockefeller Speaking

Approximately 2000 people attended

The Ark of Hope

It was only two days later as the participants of this event were still cleaning up at the Vermont farm that word came to them about the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

In response to the news from New York City, Sally Linder and others spontaneously lifted the ark and began carrying it across the countryside toward the city and the United Nations headquarters.

This effort is described in the following quote from the official Ark of Hope website.

”On September 11, 2001 volunteers were cleaning up from the September 9th event when news of the New York and Washington, DC terrorist attacks and tragedies was heard. Sally Linder's immediate, spontaneous response to the horror was to begin walking the Ark of Hope to New York and the United Nations. Joined by Andrea Morgante and Janet Fredericks, they carried the 200-pound chest across the meadows of the farm to Rt. 7 where they were joined by Susan Diehl Dufort.
Hundreds of walkers joined the pilgrimage to New York City, bringing with them hope and the vision of the Earth Charter to communities along the way. For two months the Ark of Hope was walked over 350 miles through four states. The last leg of the journey down the Hudson River was aboard Pete Seeger's legendary sloop The Clearwater. Due to heightened security at the United Nations the Ark of Hope rested at New York's Interfaith Center upon arrival.
Recognizing that the United Nations is central to global efforts to solve problems which challenge humanity, the Ark of Hope carrying the Earth Charter and the Temenos Books was exhibited at the United Nations during the World Summit PrepComII in January-February 2002.”

 The walk is also referenced on the website of Cameron Davis in the following quote …

“Sally Linder and three friends “grabbed by a powerful instinct” decided to walk the Ark of Hope with its cargo of Temenos Books 350 miles to the United Nations where they were exhibited in January 2002. “

The Ark of Hope was ceremonially gifted to the world in 2002 at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development event in Johannesburg, South Africa it has been carried to locations all across the globe spreading the message of the Earth Charter and is rumored to now be housed at the interfaith “Temple of Understanding” also known as the Spirtual UN in New York City.

As of today the Earth Charter Initiative is going strong and seeking the endorsement of anyone and everyone who will sign on to its new age principles. Many governments from the national level to the local have already taken this step along with businesses, organizations and private citizens from every nation.




This article is simply an introduction to the Earth Charter and The Ark of Hope as additional driving initiatives that are pushing the philosophy and doctrine of Sustainable Development, for more information please visit the following links…

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Sustainable Development, is an anti-liberty movement with political goals, that is advancing the cause of a UN, socialistic, eco-utopian, New World Order while being largely portrayed as altruistic. I would encourage everyone to research the worldview and beliefs that lie behind this positive “green” spin.
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