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The Gnawing Rat of Sustainable Development
By: Darin Moser   September 7th, 2011


One of the most gut wrenching aspects of Agenda 21 is its’ ability to keep its’ true nature concealed while working openly within the framework of our society’s institutions. Its’ very character is like that of a rat chewing away persistently inside the walls of a home. Deep beneath the layers of paint and sheetrock between the structural supports amid the insulation it crouches there uninterrupted completing its’ destructive work gnawing away at the wiring as life around it within the home continues on as usual.

Each day as the morning dawns and we hurry off to work, and to school; as we take care of our families and concern ourselves with the everyday things of our daily routine, Agenda 21 and the philosophy of sustainable development route their way deeper and deeper into place, biting away a bit more and bit more and bit more until at last the structure within is permanently irreparable.

Just like this we now see those bites taking place around us; within our workplaces we see American businesses and corporations rushing headlong to embrace Sustainable Development and global governance along with public-private-partnerships that serve to corrupt the integrity of both business and government. At our local school systems where we trust for the very best education possible, we see overwhelming leftist and sustainable indoctrination being taught to our children repeatedly as fact; we see our school textbooks and projects being geared toward globalist goals and ideals.

From transportation planning and food systems, to business development and land use and everything in between we see our great nation, a nation founded on the principles of freedom and individual liberty, falling further and further under the destructive grip of this devouring United Nations borne thing.

Our communities are being overtaken at all levels and from all sides by higher level government operatives and organizations that have themselves been built upon the misguided and controlling ideas of sustainable development.

At the simple waving of planning and development grant monies from on high we see the sad, fatalist game of political peer pressure begin as our communities across America and their leaders shrug off any instinctual feelings of Constitutional concern and protectiveness of individual freedom to rush right out and embrace the loss of liberty in exchange for empty utopian promises.

We must recognize the slow, destructive nature of sustainable development and ferret it out and remove it. Sustainable Development is growing in our society because it has an audience that has been conditioned and taught through our popular culture and our education system that it is true. We must expose the teachings that support its weight. It has credence only because the associated beliefs of the philosophy have been driven into the minds of our citizens as intellectual fact for 30 years.  These claims of manmade global warming, Earth and its limited carrying capacity, the negative views of continued economic growth and the wrongness of free market Capitalism must all be shown for the absolute unproven farce that they represent.
It is only then that many Americans will realize that the walls of our Constitutional home aren’t as secure as we have always believed them to be and only then will they act with the determination necessary to fight the sustainable pest.

Freedom in America must not be forgotten and we must not yield to a seemingly overwhelming foe. For if we fail and this battle is lost…then perhaps, these words from President Ronald Reagan spoken as our nation faced the specter of dominant Soviet Communism say it best...

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

Sustainable Development, it is a movement with political goals, that has achieved an enormous amount while being largely portrayed as altruistic. I would encourage everyone to research the worldview and beliefs that lie behind this positive “green” spin. For more information I would invite each of you to visit my news blog about the issue of Sustainable Development at:

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